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for children, tweens and teens


This NEW and highly innovative programme training is for practitioners who wish to support relationships between parents, carers and their children and teens aged from young children to 16+.  Practitioners will learn fun, gentle and child-oriented ways to improve attachment security using the very latest research findings.  heart-to-heart is an enjoyable session which parents, carers and children/teens attend TOGETHER based on collaborative games, creative activities and psycho-educational content.  


Practitioners attend 2 days of training and learn how to use this flexible programme for group and individual pair work and how to use a suite of validated measures to evaluate impact.  A total of 12 example sessions plans are provided to help practitioners get started; 6 sessions for children and 6 sessions for teens/tweens.   All training places come with a copy of the programme author's book!!

Accredited training courses coming up:

For courses taking place in the island of Ireland, please register your interest here

For courses taking place in England, Scotland and Wales, please register your interest here

For international courses, please register your interest here

"Brilliant content and trainers, thank you for an inspiring two days!"

Manchester delegate

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