international register

big toes little toes is delighted to support a growing international community offering delivery and training in baby bonding, toddler bonding, heart-to-heart, Parent-Child Attachment Play and Attachment Awareness.  This international community also delivers important social and charity work directly with vulnerable parents, carers and children.  All practitioners on our international register offering our programmes are specially trained and licensed in our programmes, adhere to strict ethical guidelines and carry our Licensed Practitioner quality mark.




Our register of practitioners and projects is coming soon!  Meantime, please feel free to contact the principal practitioners below:


Caroline Sullivan and Debi Maskell-Graham - Kenya

Liz Ersoy - Scotland and North America


Linsey McNelis and Ruth McDonagh - Ireland and Europe


Debi Maskell-Graham - UK and India


Caroline Sullivan - South Africa


Marina Lim and Debi Maskell-Graham - Singapore and China