"YOU AND ME TIME" (includes copy of course book)
Level 1 (1 of 2 days)

Saturday 1 December 2018 10-4pm

Continuing Professional Development workshop
(Accredited for 6 CPD points)

Venue: Edinburgh Park (The Gyle) Premier Inn


  • This introductory day is for those practitioners who wish to explore extending their work and knowledge to play-based attachment interventions for strengthening the parent/carer and child relationship. The quality of the parent-child relationship is known to predict lifelong outcomes for children across all domains. This approach sees the practitioner work with the parent or carer and not directly with the child. Instead, the practitioner shares attachment mechanisms and skills with the parent or carer. Over time, the parent/carer begins to take these skills home using a small play or activity kit and a 30-minute "You and Me" time at home with their child. This approach is suitable for parents, carers and children aged 3-15+. It represents an opportunity to bring change right into the family system and address the intergenerational transmission of attachment well-documented in the research literature.

    This training is set within the very new and groundbreaking research into what we now know about how parents and carers change and how secure attachment is operationalised in the earliest relationship.


    Welcome and overview of the day
    Turning attachment theory into practice: how does this gentle playful approach work? Why is it so helpful?
    Skills 1: Using child-oriented play
    Skills 2: Practitioner skills for reflective feedback to parents and facilitation of attachment change (3 change mechanisms)

    Full demonstration and experiential practice in supportive pairs.

    Upon completion a certificate of attendance is awarded (accredited for 6 hours CPD). Those wishing to practice will need to attend a second day which focuses on the skills and resources needed to set PCAP up for small groups of parents and one-to-one work.

    This course raises much-needed funds for our Parent-Baby outreach and social projects around the globe.