A special online baby bonding package including theory, practical framework, delivery planning and implementation for group and one-to-one work with parents and infants.

ONLINE baby bonding CPD package (12 hours)

  • This highly innovative online "baby bonding" package is designed for those who cannot attend face-to-face training and already have proven relevant skills. The online package addresses the following:

    WHY is this approach helpful and why does it work?
    WHAT is this approach - what does it look like in practice?
    HOW is it delivered and, if appropriate, how do we measure impact?

    It consists of four elements which are timed to suit individuals:

    1. A 2-hour recorded presentation - the theory underpinning the baby bonding approach. In particular, it looks at how recent research has shown how secure attachment is operationalised in the parent-infant relationship. This theory is then translated into a flexible therapeutic framework; a flexible planning tool. This framework can be used to deliver groups or to guide 1:1 intervention and support.

    2. 2-3 live SKYPE appointments where the presentation is discussed; questions are answered and the various activities that turn the theory into playful practice are outlined and demonstrated. We use our own soft baby doll to model interactions between parent and infant.

    3. Practitioner presentation of group and individual plans for beginning to use the approach including demonstration of simple example activities.

    4. An electronic folder containing: academic papers, outcome measures, activity ideas, video clips of parents and babies, lullaby music and a host of additional resources.

    5. A short quiz for practitioners to review their understanding on the key concepts and knowledge.

    The training is carried out over a period agreed between Practitioner and trainer/mentor.

Contact: big toes little toes hello@bigtoeslittletoes.org

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