A special online Parent-Child Attachment Play package (12 hours CPD) including theory, practical framework, delivery planning and implementation for group and one-to-one work with parents and infants.


  • This highly innovative online Parent-Child Attachment Play package is designed for those who cannot attend face-to-face training and already have proven relevant skills. The online package addresses the following:

    WHY is this approach helpful and why does it work?
    WHAT is this approach - what does it look like in practice?
    HOW is it delivered and, if appropriate, how do we measure impact?

    It consists of four elements which are timed to suit individuals:

    1. A 2-hour recorded presentation - the theory underpinning the Parent-Child Attachment Play method. In particular, it looks at how recent research has shown how secure attachment is operationalised in the parent-child relationship. This theory is then translated into a flexible method which can be used with groups of parents/carers or to guide 1:1 intervention and support.

    2. 3-4 live SKYPE appointments where the presentation is discussed; questions are answered and the various activities that turn the theory into playful practice are outlined and demonstrated.

    3. An electronic folder containing: academic papers, outcome measures, Parent-Child Attachment Play process map and protocols, case paperwork and templates, parent/carer handouts, activity ideas, video clips, creative resources and a host of additional resources.

    4. 2-3 mentoring session to support implementation of Parent-Child Attachment Play into work portfolio.

    The training is carried out over a period agreed between Practitioner and trainer/mentor.