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A lovely practical day designed to send you away beaming and with loads of playful games for parents/carers and toddlers which are designed to strengthen their attachment relationship. You will also leave with knowledge of the latest developments in our understanding of the mechanisms that operationalize secure attachment.

Toddler Bonding Day LUTON

  • This is a fun-filled day for those practitioners who want to extend their attachment work to parents/carers and toddlers. It builds on the knowledge about how attachment is operationalised in the parent-child relationship. The day begins with a short exploration of the theory behind attachment mechanisms and then translates these into practice through playful games including movement play games, treasure basket play; touch games and a host of other ideas specifically designed for toddlerhood. This day is recommended for baby bonding practitioners, play therapists, parents, teachers, psychologists, social workers, children's centre workers - anyone with an interest in supporting parent/carer and toddler relationships using the language of play. Accredited for 6 hours CPD.