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training programmes

big toes little toes has developed a series of nationally-accredited training programmes for practitioners who wish to deliver evidence-based attachment programmes with parents, carers and children from pregnancy to adolescence.  We are very proud that these trainings are delivered in the UK by our partner Clear Sky Children's Charity and on the island of Ireland by our partner big toes little toes Ireland.


Secure attachments between children and parents/carers have been shown to be one of the most significant factors in optimising children's long-term outcomes in all areas of life. All of our programmes are built on the very latest validated research findings and can be used by a wide range of practitioners for one-to-one, group and home visiting work.

Programmes for parents/carers and children to attend together:

  • "baby bonding" from 28+ weeks of pregnancy to early toddling

  • "heart to heart" for early years, children and teenagers

A programme for parents and carers to attend alone or in groups:


Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP) for parents and carers to attend alone and in pairs/groups with the practitioner.  This programme empowers and equips parents and carers with basic attachment and play skills.  These are learned with the practitioner and then systematically transferred straight into the family home.  

Please click on the programme logos on the right to find out further information on each programme including dates and locations of upcoming training events offered by our training partners.

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